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That Christmas Feeling

I have spent my entire life referring to the best moments as those that possess “that Christmas Eve feeling”. My cousin once referred to me as “a romantic” when I sat in front of her lead-paned windows on a snowy evening, being warmed by a large roaring fire, proclaiming that Christmas had in fact arrived. I was nine and it was October 27.

Carrying the spirit of Christmas with you all year might be considered a burden to some, not me. I bought an oversized tartan plaid tote, attached some mistletoe, and gladly carried that spirit year round. And yes, I literally did purchase an oversized plaid tote, one of many, that would carry me through the years.

This was well before Hallmark decided to change the holiday season as we know it. Each season they would offer a Hallmark Hall of Fame production, typically on a Sunday night. These movies were spectacular. The commercials were solely Hallmark and were full length productions in and of themselves. I should have known then what Hallmark was capable of.

A teacher by trade, I’ve often daydreamed about teaching at the North Pole Local School District. I’m not kidding. This daydream gets me through steamy July. At the NPLSD, there is a constant promise of a snow day and all required testing involves a very small hammer and miscellaneous toy pieces. This is the plot of a magical Christmas movie. Not just any movie but a magical Hallmark Christmas movie. And, let’s be specific here, this isn’t a Movies and Mysteries kind of plot. No, no, this is a rambunctious romp through the North Pole where the heart of Christmas is magically restored to all in a wholesome comedy and someone falls in love, probably the principal Candace Cameron Burre, Lacey Chabert, or my personal favorite, Jill Wagner.

As one can easily see, the spirit of Christmas has traveled with me throughout my entire life, sprinkling tinsel and old-fashioned ornaments along the way. A little over ten years ago a cable channel started making cheesy, holiday movies, and I was hooked. I watched them over and over, through the good times and the bad. They became a part of Christmas. We want to share it with you. So come on in to our cabin, grab a comfy blanket, watch the snow fall out the window and warm your hands on that toasty cocoa. Let’s have a nice chat. We know you’ll leave a little happier than you came.

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